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A pre paid funeral plan that could help your loved ones get through a difficult period in their lives.

Don't Leave Your Family With The Cost Of Your Funeral

Plan Ahead With a pre-paid funeral plan today.

Paying for a funeral doesn't have to cost you the earth if you pay in advance and fix the costs at today's price with a funeral plan.

For those responsible for arranging and paying for the funeral, discovering their loved ones had the foresight to take out a funeral plan goes an enormous way towards alleviating their sense of pain and distress.

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We no longer offer funeral plans.

However a life insurance plan can offer similar benefits such as providing a lump sum for your family.

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"Finding out that my father had purchased a funeral plan a few years before his death made the task of organising the funeral a little bit easier."

G.B. Edinburgh.

What is a Funeral Plan?

Pre-paid funeral plans are designed to allow you to pay for your funeral in advance, helping protect your loved ones from unforeseen financial outlay and any uncertainty about your final wishes.

At the time of need your family will just need to contact the dedicated 24 hour response line, upon which your chosen funeral director will carry out the funeral in precise accordance with your instructions.

So take out a funeral plan today, and enjoy the future safe in the knowledge that when the time comes, you will receive your perfect farewell at no extra cost to your family.

Nothing matters more than the important people in our lives, especially those who depend on you. You'd do anything to help them - making sure they're looked after and have everything they need to feel happy, safe and secure.

So it makes sense to think about how your family would cope financially if you were no longer around.

Funeral Plans are the best way to beat rising funeral costs.

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