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Protect your family & friends from the financial burden

Nothing matters more than the important people in our lives, especially those who depend on you. You'd do anything to help them - making sure they're looked after and have everything they need to feel happy, safe and secure.

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Protection = peace of mind

So while it's not a pleasant thought, it makes sense to think about how your family would cope financially if you were no longer around.

A Funeral Plan allows you to protect your friends and family from the emotional and financial burden of arranging a funeral at an already difficult time.

With a Plan, you make all your own decisions about the day, and pay for the funeral based on today's prices. You can relax in the knowledge that everything's been covered, and you and those you love will be protected from rising costs.

Guaranteed at today's prices

On average, funeral costs have doubled over the last decade. Rising well above the level of inflation, it's a trend that looks set to continue due to factors including a lack of reasonably priced land for cemeteries, and need for crematoria to invest in their facilities.

With a Funeral Plan, we guarantee that there will be no more to pay for the services you have included when the time comes, regardless of how much funeral costs increase in the future.

Funeral Plans are the best way to beat rising funeral costs.

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